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When you need machining, it doesn't matter how big the job is. You just need it done. Professionally, expertly, and on time. From single products to major projects, we design, manufacture, maintain and repair metal products for the marine, transportation, recycling, fabrication sectors. We also apply our creativity and expertise to consumer products. Yeah we can do that.

Rod's Machine Shop has been going the extra mile since 1984. Now, a lot of companies put their Mission Statement on this page of their website. But what you want to know is what can we do for you that other machine shops can't.

Like all good machine shops, we have highly skilled professionals who know their business inside and out. But our employees are encouraged to think for themselves; come up with working solutions for unique problems.

If you have a job, no matter if it's large or small, you don't want to hear all the reasons it can't be done. You want to hear how it will be done. At Rod's, we really don't like saying 'no'. Quite simply, if it's humanly possible to devise and build a solution, we'll always say 'yes'.

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Block machined out in cnc Boat Parts Spacers for Intergrated Waste Tag made in cnc